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ESRA, The society for regional anaesthesia

The European Society of Regional Anaesthesia (ESRA) is a specialized association that brings together anesthesiologists and other physicians and scientists who are engaged in the techniques of regional anaesthesia for surgery, obstetrics and pain control. ESRA provides a forum for the discussion of new innovations in the field, and has made great strides in encouraging specialization and research in regional anaesthesia; promoting and sponsoring courses and workshops, publishing articles in related subjects and generally working to develop and further the knowledge of safe techniques for the management of pain.

ESRA is a dynamic organization whose work extends throughout the year.

Their activities include:

The ESRA Annual Congress which attracts the top clinicians in the field of Regional Anaesthesia

Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine journal, which is published jointly by the American, European, Asian and Oceanic, and Latin American Societies of Regional Anesthesia

ESRA Zonal Meetings which take place in European cities throughout the year and include a range of symposia, video presentations and cadaver workshops on specific chosen topics

Certified ESRA Diploma on regional anaesthesia

ESRA Learning Zone (ELZ) which is dedicated to further the knowledge of regional anesthesia and provides an open forum for the discussion of new techniques.