CytoSorb при COVID-19. Вебинары


Webinar recording from 25 June 2020: Rationale for the use of CytoSorb in ECMO patients, cytokine adsorption in severe COVID-19 pneumonia requiring ECMO, first clinical experiences in the USA and reduction of hyperinflammation, septic shock and MOF

Chair: Roberto Lorusso, Maastricht/The Netherlands
Speakers: L. Christian Napp, Hannover/Germany; Alexander Supady, Freiburg/Germany; Nader Moazami, New York/USA; Ali Akil, Ibbenbueren/Germany


Webinar recording from 20 May 2020:
Impact of microcirculation, inflammation and cytokine adsorption in COVID-19 patients and possible therapeutic options

Chair: Prof. Mervyn Singer, London, UK
Speakers: Dr. Axel Nierhaus, Hamburg, Germany; Prof. Dr. Can Ince, Rotterdam, The Netherlands; Dr. Ricard Ferrer, Barcelona, Spain; Prof. Dr. Daniel Dürschmied, Freiburg, Germany


Webinar recording from 16 April 2020: Clinical experiences from treating doctors in COVID-19 epicenters in China and Italy and combination of CytoSorb and ECMO.

Chairs: Prof. John Kellum, Pittsburgh, USA & Prof. Luciano Gattinoni, Göttingen, Germany
Speakers: Prof. Zhiyong Peng, Wuhan, China; Dr. Ivano Riva, Bergamo, Italy; Prof. Giorgio Berlot, Triest, Italy; Dr. Alexander Supady, Freiburg, Germany; Prof. Peter Hegyi, Pecs, Hungary

Webinar recording from 26 March 2020: Background, rationale and criteria for considering CytoSorb therapy in COVID-19 patients

Dr. Volker Humbert
Director Therapy Management, CytoSorbents Europe GmbH